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Our Go-to Plaid Outfits

Our Go-to Plaid Outfits
With Taylor Swift announcing her new album Midnights, Gilmore Girls back on the Netflix trending list, and pumpkin-spiced lattes back at Starbucks, it's fair to say that Fall has returned with all it's glory. However, if you're searching for that last piece to get you into full-on witchy mood, then a go-to plaid outfit could be just what you're looking for.
We're not entirely sure when plaid became a staple fall trend, but something about a brown and beige flannel shirt over some jeans gives major cozy vibes.
If you're over the #HotGirlSummer hashtag on social media and are fully ready to be swept away like August (yes, we're reciting Taylor Swift again), then the #SadGirlAutumn trend might just be for you. Of course, we're not advocating for you to be achieving feeling sad, it's more of a metaphor for the dramatic gowns, Victorian-styled blouses, and endless plaid accents you could be wearing this Autumn. Think Lizzie Bennett, except she's a Tik Tok fashion girlie in 2022.
With the last of influencers posting their end-of-summer vacation pictures and cooler, layered plaid looks creeping their way onto our feeds, the end of Hot Girl Summer and the beginning of Sad Girl Autumn proves there isn't too much to be sad about.
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Feeling Dramatic

Current mindset: mourning the end of summer but taking every opportunity to opt for dramatic silhouettes and dark hues. Now is the time for our Libra and Scorpio babies to fully blossom and bloom. We're talking whimsical materials styled with textured layers and all the cozy color palettes such as forest green to slate grey. The ultimate #SadGirlAutumn look with a hint of #DarkAcademia plaid dress, if you're a lover of all things hauntingly beautiful then our Mesh Splicing Plaid Print Mini Dress. Forget following Matilda Djerf for your Fall style guide, we're ready to go full on Wednesday Addams. Add some opaque black tights, chunky loafers, and an oversized cable knit cardigan to complete the look.


OG and rookie Twi-hards, unite! We all have a comfort character from our favorite show, book, or movie, and once I see one leaf on the ground in September, you bet I'm changing my whole personality to match Bella Swans. If you're a lover of casual but basic staples, then a plaid shirt or pants is the best all-rounder piece to add to your closet in Fall. Our Double Pocket Plaid Print Shacket is the perfect piece for helping you score that cozy, Bella Swan-inspired vibe. Simply pair with some jeans, converse, and a basic tee underneath and get ready to catch the eye of Eddy C lookalikes.

Plaid Skirts

From classic Clueless to Netflix's newest chick flick Do Revenge, plaid skirts are in and it's not just for Autumn. If you're a lover of the Academia trend, whether it's soft or dark, then gracing your pins with a cute mini plaid skirt, your feet with chunky loafers, and your shoulders with a trendy preppy cardigan is the way forward. We're loving our Plaid Print Single Button Short Skirt for Fall vibes with a hint of Autumnal brights. Perfect for wearing with a high neck top, pop colored blazer and some chunky shoes for a Tik Tok fashion girlie feel.

Plaid Blazer

From Rory Gilmore to Elena Gilbert, there's something mysteriously wholesome in Autumn clothing being your peak fashion season. Although the swap from bright nights and breezy dresses to heavy cable knits and plaid blazers may seem bleak at first, there's no denying that it brings a sense of coziness and a much-needed reset. Whether it's oversized knitwear that caresses your skin while you cuddle up with your latest read from BookTok or a thick hoodie to strut around the chocolate aisle at your local store in, #SadGirlAutumn is all about comfort clothing. One of our fave' pieces to wear throughout the colder months is a plaid blazer. I mean, what's not to love? An investment piece that works with office looks, thrown over loungewear, or for a night out look - it's giving versatility. Opt for our Double Breasted Plaid Print Blazer and always have go-to outerwear for every social event or solo date day.
Still looking? Shop our exclusive edit of Plaid pieces and tag us in your IG pic' using the #SOLADOSTYLE hashtag for a chance to be featured on our Insta.
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