BTS of Solado's First Ever Panel Talk & Pop Up Event

BTS of Solado's First Ever Panel Talk & Pop Up Event

BTS of Solado's First Ever Panel Talk & Pop Up Event
Last week marked a huge milestone for the SOLADO team - our first ever influencer panel talk and pop up event. This was a chance for us to get out there IRL and meet not only influencers that we have collaborated with since we launched in September, but also our loyal customers along with some new faces, to really understand what they want and need from an emerging fashion brand.
We've said it before and we'll say it again. Here at Solado, we want to do things a little differently. So it's out with Insta' story "would you rathers" and in with DMC's with a panel of amazing influencers and customers alike.
From our creation station, clothes pop up, panel talk and DJ, we wanted to give back to you guys for making our journey as a new fashion brand an amazing journey so far.

Panel Talk

As a collaborative fashion brand, we want to ensure that our community are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we were inspired to host an intimate panel talk with some of your favorite influencers. From topics such as body positivity, inclusion, sustainability and community, we were honored to be able to take a back seat and really listen to what you guys have to say.
"When you see yourself in the influencers used - you feel included and part of a brand."

Creation Station

We love collaborating with our community when it comes to content, and having such a diverse group of influencers in attendance enabled us to not only see the different ways in how they work but creative side of content creating.
"We love it when fashion brands push content on how to re-use outfits or different ways to wear things, and don't encourage wearing once and throwing away."

Clothes Pop Up

Seeing both customers and influencers try on our pieces IRL was 🔥
"Being able to wear matching outfits with friends and ensuring there’s sizes etc to suit multiple people and body types is amazing."
From showcasing our upcoming spring and summer collections and getting feedback on trends, sizing and materials, we're so excited to take everything on board and create pieces that you'll wear, share and re-wear time and time again.
"It would be good to see more modest clothing that' also trendy - not just a maxi dress but co-ords and oversized blazers that can also be worn by modest dressers."
We're so grateful for everyone that attended our first ever brand event and are so excited for our next meet-up with our Solado community 💖

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